FLORAMALL- delivery of roses

The reliable online roses delivery service with FLORAMALL

The rose is regarded by everyone as a flower of love and beauty. Between the 16th and 17th century, sailors brought roses from the East to Europe. One could say this was already the first rose shipping. To date, the rose is the most widely sent flower in Europe.

As early as 5'000 years ago, rose gardens were used as food in China. Then in the time of the Romans one discovered their perfume and their beauty for perfume production. As a result, roses were traded as a luxury item. Roses were also used in Christianity as a medicinal plant.

The red rose as a messenger of love

When Romeo worshiped Juliet, it was the red rose that gave his words a soul. Would you also like to honor a special person for a special occasion? Then choose the rose. With FLORAMALL we offer you more than 50 bouquets of pure roses or in combination. Especially we recommend the romantic rose heart "Romance", if it should be a love message. Even in the later dried stage, this special message can be kept for a long time.

Special occasions for roses

  • For a birthday
  • As a love greeting
  • For Valentine’s Day
  • For Mother's Day
  • For the name day
  • For a special thank you
  • Ask for "forgiveness"


FLORAMALL offers you beautiful roses in all colors

Lovers give mainly red roses to express their love. Among friends and family, everyone likes to give a colorful bouquet of roses. Considering how many events happen each year, it is worth to book a subscription. You can choose the delivery mode yourself, including the flower type.

Tips for the care of roses

  • First, remove the lower leaves on the stem
  • Then cut the stems diagonally
  • Put the roses in a clean, groove-free vase of fresh water
  • A bright location is good, but no hot sunlight
  • As long as you change the water daily, there will be no style rot
  • Moreover, freshly cut the stems every 2 days with a sharp knife